2Dialog 2Dialog is a turnkey industry leading communications and fundraising company serving the Non-Profit market. 2Dialog provides a robust web based platform and tools that enable non-profits to more effectively engage and interact with potential donors, present donors and past donors. This is particularly attractive in view of the acknowledged ongoing relationship and loyalty developed between the CHARITY and their donor base.

Digital DonationsDigital Donations™ developed by Digital Processing Solutions is a patent pending interactive marketing and fundraising technology that integrates with the majority of the major payment-processing platforms in the world.  In order to maximize the reach of this technology we have designed our software to work with multiple devices that accept electronic payments.  This includes retail point-of-sale, smart phones (proximity cause marketing), online shopping carts, ATM’s, information kiosks, Video on Demand systems that are utilized in the hospitality industry and virtual games and events.
IntelectaInterlecta provides real-time machine translation services for various on line and mobile applications, platforms and devices. Our innovative technology incorporates modular concepts and allows effortless integration applicable to various domains. With deep expertise and experience in machine translation and messaging analysis, design and development, Interlecta is able to provide translation services with industry leading accuracy levels by integrating specialized topic capabilities (for example business, law, medicine etc.).
True PowerTrue Power Sales Representation – The Sports Alliance is responsible for True Power new business development and sales representation. True Power’s utilizes a proprietary technology that combines 10 quality minerals that are liquefied and molded into every product delivering a high negative ion count.